Lowville Cheese Store

Udderly Fantastic Since 1936

Welcome to our dairy cooperative in Lewis County, nestled on Utica Boulevard beside Lady LeWinDa, New York’s Largest Cow. Our 80-year-old cheese store offers a tantalizing taste of our dedication to quality dairy, sourced from 220 local farms. Experience our history, commitment, and unrivaled programs that make us the county’s largest dairy cooperative. Join us, uncover our secret, and embark on your dairy discovery

What Makes Us Legen-Dairy?

Uncover the secret of Lewis County’s historic cheese store, where exceptional quality and passion transform local farm milk into a remarkable dairy experience.

Customer Service

Experience the satisfying and friendly service at Lowville Producers Cheese Store.

Special Offers

The finest cheese, Fresh Cheese Curd, Maple Syrup and World Famous Croghan Bologna.

Gift Boxes

Get that favorite someone the finest cheese, Fresh Cheese Curd, Maple Syrup, or World Famous Croghan Bologna.

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Customer Reviews

It’s tradition to stop here every time we’re in town. 75 varieties of cheese, but the fresh cheese curds will never be beat! Growing up in “dairy country” in the Midwest didn’t prepare me for what real fresh dairy was.

Kayla Zinter

Love this place! They have dozens of different kinds of cheese. They also always have 8-10 samples out every day. They also have cheese products like cream cheese (sold cheaper than Walmart). They keep some bologna there and maple syrup products. There is also a comical selection of cheese hats if you’re on the market for one. Will always be returning for my cheese needs.

Olivia Moshier

Super friendly service, well stocked shelves with just about everything you could imagine…but, wow, the cheeses!!!! I splurged and bought the 20x sharp and it was insanely delicious! Only wish I bought more.
Great selection of local snacks, candy, chocolates as well as local baked goods. Stores like this make you really want to buy local!

Mary C

Our History

Lowville Producers Cheese Store is owned by 220 Dairy Families in upstate New York between the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and the Tug Hill Plateau The Cooperative has been in business since 1936. Annually its dairy farms produce over 310 million gallons of Grade A milk each year.


Savor our range of farm-fresh cheeses, from creamy Bries to tangy Cheddars. Each delivers a unique taste adventure, highlighting our devotion to dairy.


Enjoy our top-quality, locally sourced meats, including succulent beef and tender poultry. Perfect for any meal, our meat selection offers taste and quality.

Gift Boxes

Get that favorite someone the finest cheese, Fresh Cheese Curd, Maple Syrup, or World Famous Croghan Bologna.

Come Visit Us!​

Cheese the day and take a trip down the Utica Boulevard (Route 12) to our quaint cheese store nestled right next to the udderly enormous Lady LeWinDa, New York’s Largest Cow. We’re just across from the Kinney Drugs and McDonald’s. Let us show you why we’re the cream of the crop in dairy production, contributing to over 80% of Lewis County’s milk!


7396 Utica blvd.,
Lowville, NY 13367


Monday – Saturday
8AM to 5PM

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